Call for Action: 2021-2022 Officer Elections

Are you a budding safety leader looking to shape the future of Chicagoland Safety? The Chapter Nominations & Elections Committee is beginning our search for nominees for the upcoming chapter year. Elected executive committee members begin their terms on July 1st and end June 31st. The opportunity to become a chapter leader will enhance your personal and professional leadership skills, and could prepare you for broader ASSP leadership roles. The elected position most in need is 2nd Vice President.

The 2nd Vice President will advance to 1st Vice President and Chapter President in consecutive chapter years taking progressively more significant leadership powers and responsibilities along their path. Other elected positions are available to any chapter members in good standing who have been a registered professional ASSP member for at least 1 year.

These positions are:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chapter Delegates (2) to the ASSP House of Delegates

Elections are held in May for terms beginning July 1st until June 31st of the following year.

Additional opportunities are available within the Chicago Chapter for those interested in maximizing their ASSP membership experience through appointment to committees. As an ASSP volunteer, you will benefit from connecting with a vast professional network, receiving leadership training, and accessing insights on the latest safety trends and innovations. These opportunities can spur career growth and ultimately lead to better job opportunities.

Positions appointed by the Chapter President include the following committees:

  • Programming
  • Nomination & elections
  • Chapter Awards
  • Communications
  • Government Affairs
  • Jobs
  • Membership

If you are interested in getting more involved or considering nomination for an elected Chapter Leadership role or appointed committee role, please contact Chicago Chapter Member-at-Large, Eric Dangoy: