Chapter Officer Nominations

We plan on holding our annual Executive Board Committee elections on our MAY 19 Virtual Chapter Meeting (exact time TBD). If 15 or more Greater Chicago Chapter members are in attendance, they will be requested to vote. Without a quorum, we must issue an e-ballot to all Chapter members in the ensuing days after the meeting.

Here is your list of candidates for the 2021 – 2022 Chapter Year beginning in July. Click on the names for their personal election statement.

President- Josh Asiedu, MS, CSP, CIT

1st Vice President- Esmail AlQadhi, MSc, CSP

2nd Vice President- Lu (Lewis) Li, CSP, CSE

Secretary- Angela Chiappone, MPH

Treasurer- Mark Schakowsky

Delegate to the ASSP House of Delegates (1)- Dennis Terpin, PhD, OHST

Delegate to the ASSP House of Delegates (2)- Julius Rhodes, SPHR (withdrawn)

If you have been an ASSP member for over year and would like your name added to the nominations slate, please email Eric Dangoy,, with a ~250 word description.

We need your help! If you’d like to get involved in one of our myriad volunteer roles, contact us for more information!