Lu (Lewis) Li for 2nd Vice President

I am the Engineering Manager of CRRC Sifang America Inc in Chicago area with more than 10 years of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety management experience both in China and the US. I am writing this biography for the position of ASSP Chicago Chapter Vice President.

When I started my career after university in 2007, I had an idea to work on a progressive career to do the right thing by helping people and contributing slightly to a better world. Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety had been a right fit with my initial goal. I have been working for a number of foreign-invested manufacture businesses as an Environmental Health and Safety professional in China. In 2016, I took a job offer to be the Engineering Manager of a whole new US facility in Chicago of the world’s largest railcar building company CRRC, so my journey carried on at the other side of the world. The time in the US is not only about gaining work experience and enjoying the lifestyle, I always push myself to get more on credentials and further education, so obtained my CSP from BCSP in 2020. Then, in the middle of 2020, I started Master of Occupational Safety Management at the University of Central Missouri, which is an ABET accredited course. Sharing more information and knowledge that I have learned in the US to China’s EHS professional community, try to contribute more to better the world.

There are a few factors that make me stand out for this position:

  • The will of continues sharing good practices and knowledge in ASSP platform;
  • Actively participate in the learning process to improve my skills and knowledge;
  • The working experience on a global scale with a number of different industries is the unique advantage that I have;
  • With strong technical background and experience on control reliability, LOTO, prevention through design, industrial hygiene and ventilation;
  • Sharing my experience and knowledge to my team on a daily basis. Promote learning and skill development culture to every of my team members;
  • 2020 Safety Professional of the Year at ASSP Greater Chicago Chapter.

So, I believe what I have done and what am I planning to do in the EHS field is a positive example among ASSP Greater Chicago Chapter vice president.