President’s Message

Happy Spring everyone!  It’s great to finally see all of the snow melting away and to look forward to warmer weather.  Something I start to see each year at this time are business and residential roofs being repaired or re-shingled after the Winter weather managed to expose problems such as roof leaks.  Whether you work in construction safety or are hiring people on your own to do this work at home, please watch out for the safety of the people performing these jobs.  There are a lot of serious injuries and fatalities each year in the roofing industry.  This is work that needs to be completed, but we need to make sure it is done safely.

It is also the season to cast votes!  I firmly believe that everyone should show their preferences, whether it is for local, state or national elections or for the votes going on in ASSE.  All of you should have received e-mails recently about voting for Bylaw updates for the Greater Chicago Chapter.  The voting closes on March 26th, so please make sure to let us know whether you approve of the changes.

We now also have an election slate for the upcoming Greater Chicago Chapter 2016-17 operating year. Here is the slate that has been proposed for a vote at the monthly meeting scheduled for May 10th.  Please come to the meeting to let your preferences be known:

President: Ryan Mannion
1st Vice President: Ryan Cole
2nd Vice President: Mariana Lever
Treasurer: Neil Silins
Secretary: Linda Hiser
Delegate: Marion Synowiec
Delegate: Al Borzych

Be safe and take care!

If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please contact me at:  Thanks.

Ryan Mannion